Take the new Candidate Classes
The Greater Lawrence Baseball Umpires Association and the Merrimack Valley Baseball Association are once again excited to offer training for anyone interested in becoming a MBUA “patched” Baseball Umpire! Successful completion of this course and associated training qualifies an umpire to work amateur baseball games from Little League up to and including men’s baseball leagues, as well as membership in the GLBUA, MVUA and MBUA (for umpires over the age of 18). This course is open to all candidates over the age of 14. Umpires over the age of 18 are also eligible to work high school baseball in Massachusetts. Please reach out to me or a board member if you know anyone interested.

Monday evenings beginning 1/29 from 6:00 PM-730 PM at St. Michael’s School, 80 Maple Ave in North Andover.

Class Dates:
1/29, 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26
Exam Date: 3/4

Anyone who wants to be trained as a baseball umpire in MLB (Major League Baseball) rules should attend these classes. The Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association (MBUA) umpire’s exam is based on the rules of Major League Baseball, and will be administered at the end of the class. Candidates passing the exam will then attend clinics on mechanics and positioning.

Anyone interested is urged to contact 2nd Vice President David Kennedy 603-553-9935 or email at strikesandouts@hotmail.com for reservations and registration.

Veteran rules interpreters, Ron Annand and Scott Young will be teaching the class.

“I am amazed that even though the MVUA has grown significantly over the years, there still are times when it’s hard to find umpires to cover some games. We are constantly being asked by leagues to provide umpires and we are not sure we have enough to cover all those games. We need more men, women, and teens to umpire games.” said Tim McGonagle of Haverhill, Mass, MVUA President. Bill Clifford, MVUA 1st Vice President added, “Our 16 year old members can earn $50 or more for a 2 hour Little League game, a lot more money and a lot more fun than flipping burgers. Plus, it’s a great part-time job for local college students.”

MVUA members umpire games at all levels of baseball: college, Massachusetts and NH high school, AAU, Babe Ruth, and Little Leagues in the Merrimack Valley. The MVUA is the oldest umpiring organization in Massachusetts, and has been providing quality umpires to the area for over 50 years..

Umpires have the option to work as many or as few games as they like. They make their own schedules and make some extra money in the process. Some of our umpires do as many as 150 games a season and some do as few as 10 games at an average game fee of $60 for a typical 2 hour game.

The MVUA supports candidates of all genders, all ethnic groups and teenagers (men and women over age 16) to become umpires. MVUA has also taken steps to ensure that anyone who wants to be an umpire and attends the clinics but due to language or learning difficulties may have trouble with the written exam will be assisted as much as possible.