To join the MVUA you must pass a written exam based on official Major League Baseball rules.

To thoroughly prepare you for this exam, MVUA provides a 6-week Umpire School for new umpires.

This school is held twice each year; once in January and once in July. (see School Schedule).

Once you pass the exam you will be an Apprentice umpire and member of the MVUA.

To remain in good standing, all MVUA member umpires must pass a yearly written (open book-take home) rules exam and attend MVUA clinics on rules, issues, umpiring mechanics, and game conduct. This training and development program ensures that the member umpires of the MVUA meet the highest standards of umpire professionalism.

To learn more about joining please contact 2nd Vice President David Kennedy by phone at (603) 553-9935 or email at


The MVUA does accept transfers from other organizations. If you are already a certified baseball umpire (in Major League rules) and are in good standing with your current organization simply follow the official MBUA transfer policy:

    1. A transfer from a non-MBUA Board must have a letter from that Board’s Secretary stating the transferee is a member in good standing. The transferee shall pay a Test Fee of $25 and current MVUA dues. A closed book test will be administered by the 2nd Vice President. A passing grade of 80% is required. (If the transferee fails the test, the dues will be refunded.)
    2. A transfer from an MBUA Board shall pay the MVUA dues and provide a letter from their current Board’s Secretary stating that the transferee is a member in good standing
    3. All correspondence on the transfer should be sent to the MVUA Secretary by email. Also see Contacts for additional contact information.