Board of Directors Meeting
March 20, 2019 at 7PM
At Dunkin

Attending: John Sherman, Mark Trafton Ed Carver, Kevin Regan, Rob Regan, Dave Kennedy, Joe Salvucci, President Tim, Mark Denoncourt.

Not Attending:  Ted H

President: Discussion regarding the Cardran Award – the award should be added to the list of awards given contain in the By-Laws. Proposal will be written and presented at the next Annual Meeting.

Ist VP, Bill Clifford – clinic numbers  are double last year’s attendance. Clinic to be held on 3/21 at noon at Sea Cost United in Epping, NH. Live games, mostly double headers. April 20th Exeter Academy – live game clinic.

2nd VP – Dave Kennedy – person has been hired to maintain the MVUA website.

Secretary, Joe Salvucci – new membership list handed out to Board. Reminded everyone no meetings during June, July and August. May meeting will be at President Tim’s house.

Treasurer – Kevin Regan –working on the Arbiter, needs memship list to set up the Arbiter for this year. I will forward the list to Kevin. Previous Treasurer visted the meeting and turned in some of the records to Kevin.

No new business

No old business

Nothing for Open to the Board.

Next meeting, April16th at 7pm at Dunkin

Motion to adjourn made by Secretary, second by Ed Carver. Vote –unanimous to adjourn.

Adjournment at 8:02pm